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Dysplastic Nevi

Over the course of 12 months, I have had several moles removed.   Four were mildly dysplastic and 1 was moderate and required further extraction.   Right now, I do not think I have any other dysplastic nevi.  I did not know about dysplastic nevi prior to this year and I am becoming very frantic.
I have a few questions.
First, what is the risk of melanoma for someone with five dysplastic nevi?
Second, is it possible that I do not develop anymore of these moles?
Have you personally known someone with numerous dysplastic nevi that never developed melanoma?
My doctor said I will have six month follow ups for two years, does this mean I am most at risk for the next two years and if I did not develop anymore in the next two years, my risk factors for skin cancer go down?

Thank you.
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Dear jrjh,

Thanks for writing in.

Dysplastic nevi are atypical moles and are histologically abnormal.

1.    The risk of melanoma in people with 1 clinical dysplastic nevus is 2-fold while 10 or more conferred a 12-fold increased risk. So I would estimate that a person with about 5 nevi would have a 7-8 fold risk.

2.     Patients should be monitored regularly. The risk of relapse over an existing nevi or chances of getting new ones were not exactly known.

3.     Most dysplastic nevi do not develop into melanoma. However, since I do not have vast experience in follow-up of such patients I am not able to comment on this aspect.

However by going through your history I am sure that you are getting the best care.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. P V S Prasad
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