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It was posted the treatment for SCABIES is to apply one round of ELIMITE to entire body. Also wash in HOT water all clothes AND dry for at least 24 minutes to kill any mites.  the second part is correct regarding washing clothes..you can DRY CLEAN or wash yourself in HOT water, with some PINE SOL (mites do not like it) and dry for 24 minutes.  HOWEVER>..I used ELIMITE and it did absolutely NO GOOD..it DID stop the ITCHING as long as it was on my body proving I do indeed have SOME form of a MITE (and there are MANY kinds..Cheese Mites, Bird mites, rabbit mites, rat and mouse mites, etc) perhaps ELIMITE works on SOME mites..but NOT ALL. I am ntothe first person here who has stated they do not beleive ELIMITE KILLS them..your dermatologist may think it kills them..but it DOESNT. if you are LUCKY it will kill them....to PROVE I had some form of MITE (that can not be seen) I applied a SPRAY that kills BEDBUGS and ALL forms of MITES...now--this is faitly UNSAFE--you should NOT apply a spray meant for the carpet to your body--the FUMES can cause you to pass out--but I was desperate and could NOT stop itching..after less than 24 hours---MOST of the areas that had scabs and bleeding from sratching HEALED and MOST (ovber 90%) of the chronic itch was GONE...so much for ELIMITE--it does NOT work..and the 90% improvement showed my body had SOME form of parasite--possibly BIRD MITES..something really hard to KILL .. So--those who follow "doctors orders and are wondering WHY they still have MITES/SCABIES---ELIMITE only works on CERTAIN kinds of MITES--not ALL!!! Your dermatologist does not know this....the eact chemical spray I used was PYRYTHINE 5%..again--i do NOT recommend you spraying this all over--i could have wound up in the ER or worse..but it has WORKED.....BEWARE-ELIMITE is NOn effective agains CERTAIN kinds of MITES and I have NO IDEA what kind it does not kill--obviously the kind I had...now I have to worry about reinfestation.....I urge you to throw out any rugs or carpets you can..and cover all bedding with those sealer bags that prevent dust mites....I have to see dermatolofy tomorrow morning and they will NOT beleive me that ELIMIET is ineffective...I want something STRONGER. What else can I use? Since by usingthe poison spray PYTHRINE it stopped over 90% of my chronic rash and red dots all over my legs--I KNOW I had some form of parasite..what kind I may never know....
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i SAW THE Dermatology clinic...the woman i ncharge DISMISSED my claims I have MITES/ Scabies...I showed her photos of red dots all over my legs, bleeding, scabs..i told her the PYRTHRINE took away 90% of the itch...her answer "YOU hAVE ECZEMA". I said--YOU already treated me for that and nothing stopped the itch. if you do not beleive me--Do a ScRATCH TEST to see what sdediment is in my legs---she REFUSED...i said--Ok do a SCRAPE and let's see if I have scabies..she said "FINE--I will do ONE scrape". I explained--ScABIES is MOST difficult to diagnose on ONE scrape...you should take several...sshe REFUSED.....they all looked at the ONE scrape and said "just skin cells--you have eczema". She wanted to call my psychiatrist. I welcome that--BECAUSE----When I got home--I did my OWN scrapes--of areas where I beleive I was REINFESTED--my left arm and leg---areas she did not scrape--I carefully put the scrape in clear plastic tape--I brought the scrape to my local blood lab where I have a friend...I asked if I clould use the microscope for 30 seconds and he said "NO--but let ME taKE A  look-" he did---GUESS WHAT--he said "MY friend--that looks like a BUG to me" find another dermatologist." ANY lAWYERS OUT THERE--?
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Use Styrax benzoin oil  -- use two parts styrax and one part olive oil and add a little peru balsam for more effect. Can use all over body and scalp.  I suggest treating yourself and the enviroment for 2 months to ensure that the critters are gone. Clean with bleach or ammonia and use bleach or ammonia in the wash with the hottest water. Avoid cotton as very hard to kill in cotton clothes without bleaching or get items dry cleaned. It is a battle but you can do it. Also sprinkle sulfur powder in bed sheets and on pillow to kill them while you sleep. Put sulfur in dogs bed to avoid dog problem.
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Use styrax benzoin for at least 10 days - twice a day (if can)  then about every 5 days once you are healed just to be safe.  At the very least, use styrax at night and use sulfur cream or something else in the day. Treat car too, Wipe down steering wheel with ammonia and spray seats with ammonia or wipe down. Park car in hot sun if the summer time. Again, you can do it. Swimming in chlorinated pool also helps if possible but cannot count on that to be cured.
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What does work is peppermint oil.  Rub in on areas u know the scabes sre other parts of ur body mix lotion with twenty five drops of the oil n massage it in.  You will note the differrnce by morning.  U may have to do several applications but it worked for my child. Hes s tern.  Also make a dpray ofalcohol n peppermint oil n spray everything in ur home.  They travel that is how come u have issues getting rid of them.  Until u feel comfortable use lotion with menthol or peppermint oil. Spray your furniture or bed with mrnthol n peppermint oil.  The precriptions work some times not all cause of the above.  I actually felt them jumping on furniture n no one thought i did till a person got it who had no contact with my child but had been in an area he had been in.
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