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So I have basically used every single drugstore moisturizer, cleanser, toner, eye cream, etc. And they all make my face burn. I know this isn't supposed to happen and I know I have terribly sensitive skin. Even when using "gentle" versions of face products, my face will still burn. I didn't think that eye cream would make my skin burn, BUT IT DOES. I have tried very high end and expensive moisturizers and such, and even some of them burn as well. Although a few don't burn, I don't have the budget for a $129 eye cream or a $60 moisturizer as its breaking my bank account. So if there are any solutions or products that work for dry and very Sensitive skin then please help me
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I have the same kind of skin. There are very few things I can use on my eyes (and lord, my eyes need all the help they can get) that don't make me want to claw them off.

I use Dermologica products. They are expensive, but not as expensive as some others. I don't use an entire skin care line, either (like I don't need a 6 or 8 step process - I am just not that dedicated or that wealthy). Start with a starter kit, and see how it goes.

I use the Age Smart line - I'm old lol - https://www.dermalogica.com/age-smart/age_smart,default,sc.html - but you may find something else that works for you. I only use their cleanser and power firming cream on my eyes.

I also use Aveeno sensitive skin line, too. They have a Calming line, and a Sensitive Skin one. Don't hesitate to try baby products, either. Those are usually made for very sensitive skin.

(I am employed by neither Dermologica or Aveeno - though I bet their discounts are nice.)
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