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Excess Body Hair in Children

My 11 yr old daughter is appearing to develop increased body hair esp on the face (upper lip), back, arms, and stomach.  She did have a lot of hair on her head, and neck as an infant but the pediatrician said it would fall out (which it never did).  Now it seems to be more pronounced and is presenting esteem problems as she is entering pre-adolescence.  She has been taking Proventil for about 4 yrs now to control asthma.  She is also using Singular and Pulmocort.  Could it be that these medications are increasing hair growth?  Will the hair fall out as she reaches puberty?  Please help!
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There is a lot of individual variation when it comes to hair growth.  It is possible, even likely, that your daughter's hair is within the range of normal.  (Her hair at birth has nothing to do with this.)  Still, you need to check with your pediatrician about whether there is any hormonal imbalance to explain the hair.  Assuming you find that there's nothing wrong, you may want to consider laser hair removal.  This is quite a safe procedure, even for a child.  It would very likly help thin the hair and make your daughter more comfortable.  The hair loss might not be permanent, but if it gives her a few years' respite, that's OK too.  Laser hair removal is not covered by health insurance, however.


Dr. Rockoff
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