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Extreme itching that has made its way through my family

Over the past year, it seems each of my family members has developed an extreme itching issue that has lasted a few months, then it moves onto the next family member. Mine has lasted about 6 months now, and none of the doctors any of us have seen have been able to identify the issue. I can't sleep at nights due to the intensity of the itching, and I often scratch so hard that I wake up with bruises on the skin.

The symptoms have been relatively similar between family members. On our hands and feet, there are tiny bumps between fingers/toes and on the sides of the palms. They are 1-2mm in size, appear to be fluid filled, and are itchy. My research suggests they may be dyshydrosis, but, being eczema as a cause doesn't support the fact that we all seem to have developed this recently.

In addition, we have larger bumps that seem to appear around the waist line, in between butt cheeks, scrotum, and in between the thighs. These bumps are typically quite small as well, but are a mild red, and resemble a mosquito bite. These are significantly more itchy than the bumps on palms/feet.

Finally, there are a couple instances of what is like a flaking rash. I only have two spots of those, and they are itchy as well, but not to the same degree as the others. There is a spot on the area between my palm and my wrist. While the itching is generally present the entire day, it becomes unbearable towards bedtime.

Medication wise, we have tried Betaderm, Goldbond, lidocane, a full body creme for scabies, and general moisturizers. We have tried changing laundry detergents with no success. Any advise or direction is greatly appreciated
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Switching laundry detergents was my first thought, but since you tried that- I'd also suggest a full detailed house cleaning to see if that helps- including a good cleaning of the mattresses, couch cushions and everything.  Also, you may switch other products such as soaps to fragrance free.  
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