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Extremely Chapped Lips

I have to wear ChapStick Lip Balm all the time.  Every few hours I have to apply it and especially after eating or drinking anything.  If I don't do so, then my lips get chapped.  They aren't discolored or red.  I don't even lick my lips.  I've heard about using 1% hydrocortisone ointment and I've looked for it, but the only product that I've found with it is the anti-itch cream, which says use externally only.  Where can I get this 1% hydrocortisone ointment or what else should I use?
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Lips are considered external, so you can use what you found.  Chapped lips are partly psychological.  Just thinking about lips makes you want to lick them.  Like I'm doing now . . .


Dr. Rockoff
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I have the same problem. For about the last 5 years I have to constantly be putting chapstick on. I carry it with me at all times and if I run out or forget it, by the time I get home my lips are really dry then. Its almost like the chapstick causes you to be dependant on it. I dont remember having this problem when I was younger.
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Hey, I have had that problem ever since I was little.I found out though that putting a thick layer of vaseline on your lips at night will give them a great deal of moisture. In the moring after you brush your teeth, take the tooth brush and gently rubb off any layers that EASILY peel off, then put a then layer of vaseline on under your lipstick.  This has done the  job foe me.  I haven't had chapped lips in years.  Try it.
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i'm am dying from my extremely chapped lips!  i've tried vaseline, english idea's tea tree oil, blistex and chapstick. nothing seems to work...this has been going on for about 2 weeks now...when will it finally heal??
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I began experiencing chronic chapped lips about 6 years ago. I would constantly lick them and pick at the chapped areas due to the irritation. They began peeling about 5 years ago, and now they constantely peel every week(upper and lower lip).  There is quite a bit of inflammation and irritation.  Derms call this cheilitis exfoliative.  Haved tried everything.  Anyone experiencing "peeling lips" along with the chappiness?
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I had the same problem as well.  For the past six years, my bottom lip would continuously peel.  It would often become red and even ooze at times.  After going to several dermatologists, I finally found one who knew exactly what the problem was.  She immediately diagnosed the problem as a form of psoriasis, something I had never suspected.  She prescribed a cream for me to use.   After a mere two applications, my problem disappeared. Overnight the peeling and redness was gone.
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