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Extremely Itchy w/ Pins & Needles, no rash or skin problem

I get extremely itchy with all these PINS & NEEDLES all over my body especially my legs, back, arms, face, neck, & scalp. It is worse just after a hot shower. I have no rash or skin condition. I had kidney stones earlier this year but not sure if there is a connection. Also got stung by a jellyfish badly but again I don't think there is a connection.

I tried all skin creams including benadril, hydrocortisine, aloe vera, cocoa butter, ..the list goes on.  The only thing that seems to work somewhat is soaking my entire body in BABY OIL after a shower so I can stand still for brushing my teeth. My legs usually start tingling with pins and needles that drive me crazy.

Does anyone know about this itchy / pins & needles condition and how to cure it ???  
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For how long have you experienced these?

Are there any associated rash that comes with this?

Does this only occur after a hot shower?

What are the other events or conditions that may trigger the condition?

When taking a shower,try not to abruptly expose yourself to extreme water temperatures.You may shift water temperatures gradually to give your body time to adjust.Also, you may want to make sure that you are not having an allergic reaction to any chemicals found in the water or from the shower itself.Check for any rust,any distinct smell or discoloration of the water coming out from the shower.

With regards to your kidney infection is this being managed well?

I suggest you ask your primary physician for antihistamine medications and see if this may help prevent the itchiness.Do not take medications unless you have informed your physician about it. Antihistamines have side effects and they may cause drowsiness.The newer generation of antihistamines may be more beneficial.

I wonder how many fellow-sufferers have less than excellent hygiene skills?  I avoid the shower (fear of falls) and wash at the sink instead.  Could this be a factor?  Is hygiene a secret factor??
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My all over itch started about the time peri-menopause started for me. (and all over pins and needles) I sometimes claw my legs bloody in my sleep. It comes and goes but now stays for weeks or months at a time. No rash just the marks and scabs I create with the scratching.

I did the thyroid tests and was a bit low but thyroid meds didn't stop the itch nor did primrose oil or omega oils, anithistimines, or any nutrition type rememdies. It wasn't dry skin either as I tried loads of different lotions and cremes, not sun exposure or any other thing I could find on the net that seemed to help other people.  

My doctor is a woman but she'd never encountered this in her practice and recommended a dermatologist. He took biopsies and found nothing. He asked me to come back for their monthly symposium where 5 or 6 dermotologists get together and look at unusual cases. They could not figure out what was causing my itch either.

With my doctor's encouragement I went to the university library and began reading through all kinds of medical books and stumbled on a short mention of itching caused by endocrine imbalances and also itching in women with diminishing hormone levels. I went to my doctor and was put on estrogen which stopped the itching in a short time. Maybe a week. The itching stayed gone as long as I kept taking estrogen. But my pre menopausal migraines returned. To have the itch gone I had to put up with violent migraine headaches with all the vomiting and pain that I had had during my menstuating years.

If you have no problem with migraines have your doctor do a hormone level check and see if you're imbalanced "or" low in anything.

My all over pins and needles flushing is definitely increasing in frequency and severity.   I wonder if it is related to the itching. It used to only happen occasionally and usually in response to a sudden scare or anger. Now even  an unexpected knock at the door or any small shock will set it off. Perhaps there's an adrenaline connection in my case.

I all this hope this helps someone. I often feel very hopeless.
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I have similar symptoms, as if it is caused by adreniline as well.

Started a flughing in the face than to itching pins and needles on upper back and sometimes other places.  Warm skin and burning.

An allergist told me that it was psychological.

All my physical blood tests were fine including ANA.
Is there any othe lab test that may indicate something?

Anyway, you are not alone... scratching69......
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I have similar symptoms, as if it is caused by adreniline as well.

Started a flughing in the face than to itching pins and needles on upper back and sometimes other places.  Warm skin and burning.

An allergist told me that it was psychological.

All my physical blood tests were fine including ANA.
Is there any othe lab test that may indicate something?

Anyway, you are not alone... hopless62.....
Do you have non acute nausea, headaches warm skin as well?
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I don't believe this is psychological. That is just too convenient a diagnosis when they can't figure out what something is.

If you can afford to go to an endocrinologist and/or be checked for endocrine imbalances via your regular doctor or an internist that's what I would do. I think there are various hormonal imbalances that occur with people of all ages and both sexes that can cause strange physical reactions in the skin.

I do have headaches that seem to come for no reason sometimes and are not migraine. And my skin can feel hot and wierd too, off and on. And when I get to scratching and then stop my skin feels especially hot, but not to the touch. Like wherever I scratch the heat just spreads out from there.

I don't know if it will do any good but I've written to Dr Oz on his page under "Ask Dr Oz anything!" in the list of choices. If more of us wrote they may do an Oprah show on this terrible itching thing and then maybe we would not be told "it's all in your head."
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I just found an article that I hadn’t read before. So I am listing it here for my “Itch-mates” to consider. Even though the article starts out talking about children who knows but what this could help adults also.
OK here goes:

Researchers at the National Public Health Institute in Finland reported that a probiotic (lactobacillus GG - a friendly bacteria found in live yogurt) could significantly reduce the chances of infants developing atopic eczema. Atopic eczema is a relatively common skin condition affecting about ten percent of children in the United States. In the mild forms the skin is dry, hot and itchy. In its more severe manifestations, the skin may become broken, raw and bleeding.

The double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study published in Lancet involved 159 pregnant women with a family history of allergies. The women were randomly given lactobacillus GG capsules or a placebo twice a day for about three weeks before giving birth. After delivery, breastfeeding mothers took the capsules for six months while bottle-fed babies were given the capsules mixed with water.

Tthe infants were evaluated at three, six, twelve and twenty-four months. Twenty-three percent of the babies fed the probiotic developed atopic eczema, compared with forty-six percent of those given the placebo. In other words, the frequency of eczema in the probiotic group was half of the placebo group.

The researchers concluded, “Our results suggest that gut microflora have unique, yet largely unexplored endogenous immunomodulatory properties. These properties might be indispensable in the fight against the increasing frequency of atopic, and possibly other, immunological diseases.”

Atopic eczema is regarded as one of a group of allergic diseases including allergic rhinitis and asthma. The recent rapid rise in atopic diseases has sparked interest in the cause and treatment of these chronic disorders. Increased intestinal permeability is one possible explanation of the link between the intestinal tract and endpoint organs such as the skin or respiratory tract. Also called “leaky gut syndrome,” excessive intestinal permeability may allow substances that would normally be eliminated through the bowel to escape from the gut into the general circulation provoking an immune response.
The intestinal tract contains a major portion of the immune system. Some scientists believe that early exposure to bacteria such as lactobacillus stimulates and enhances the intestinal immune response in children, resulting in less atopic disease over the lifespan of the individual.

Edgar Cayce gave numerous readings describing leaky gut syndrome for a variety of disorders, especially skin diseases such as psoriasis. For more information on the Cayce hypothesis, see the peer-reviewed journal article, “Systemic Aspects of Psoriasis: An Integrative Model Based on Intestinal Etiology” on the Meridian Institute website:



Kalliomaki M. Probiotics in primary prevention of atopic disease: a randomised placebo-controlled trial. Lancet. 2001 Apr 7;357(9262):1076-9.


This is the web url where I found this:
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Hi, I'm not responding to anyone, but hope someone has an idea of what could be wrong I am at they end of my road. My symptoms started 2 and half  years ago. I have pins and needles in right leg and very slight in my left, My knee is painful when getting up and right leg gives out sometimes. I trip over my own feet. Neck and jaw pain, cracking of the jaw.Head pressure fell like my head is going to exposed.Itchy skin, fell like bug are crawling on me. I scratch sometime till I'm really red. I have only found one thing wrong with me I have been taken b12 injections for 8 month not helping. Doctors about 5 of them can not find anything wrong so they say it is all in my head and that I should just learn to deal with this and maybe go see a psychiatrist and my be that will help. Any suggestions this a very fruatrating and driving me to get depressed

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I'm so glad I found this forum and hope someone can give me some answers as well.  I, too, have the itching pins and needle symptoms all over my body.  The symptoms are internally in my legs, arms, eyelids, thighs, all over.  It is not just an itch; it is the pin/needle like feeling that is so annoying.  My problem started about 20+ years ago. I've always associated my problem with a yeast infection.  My symptoms also occur after having sex. My problem is so bad, past doctors would prescribe difflucan without seeing me.   It has gotten to the point where hubby & I don't have sex for months, which caused another problem.  The symptoms seem to go away after taking more than prescribed pills and creams.  Doctors have told me that I am crazy and I am imagining these symptoms.  Others say the yeast is causing an allergic reaction.  I do not know what the problem is.   I have tried to ignore the condition and wish it away and it gets worse.   For the past few years, I notice this problem occurs at the beginning of each new season, but then it can occur anytime.  I recently relocated to NC and have a doctor at Duke Univ.  The doctor thinks the wall of my uterus is thinning and recommends taking premarin cream.  In my twenties I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and ovaries and tubes removed.  I do not know if this has anything to do with my symptoms, but I pray someone would listen to me and diagnose my condition.  Help!
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I've had these symptoms for ages, starting about 20 years ago. I get them off and on where months go by with and without them. They don't seem to be related to hormones for me because I have had all variety of reproductive ages and being on and off birth control pills for them. I get them when I am out of a hot or tepid shower, doesn't matter what temp. There is no rash. No cream, steroid or not, does not help. I have had them while in a swimming pool, after being in for 30 minutes, and in a sauna. The only thing that is constant is water or steam or sweat.

I think the pins and needles itching (which drives me to madness sometimes, it is so painful) has something to do with blood flow to the skin. It usually takes about 30 minutes to settle down until my next exposure to water. It is NOT in my head, it is not a symptom of any condition that I know of. I have been frustrated at trying to figure out what it is and how to stop it.
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I also have needles like itch, the first time it started was 6yrs ago, i have to stay away from sunlight and if my house is too warm it starts. I have tried doctors, medical shops, but no one seems to have the answer as to why this itch exists. However i tried my own experiment, and it seems to work but only for a limited time.
Get handful of Carom Seeds and mix it mith salt, swallow it with water. Its so simple. I dont have permanent solution to this.
Also what ive noticed is this itch starts whenever you have sex, it is definately related to sex. Whenever you (male) empty urself (***) it starts during or soon afterwords.
You can also try it if you dont beleive, im not sure why its linked to sex, i will post if i get solution,
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Same symptoms with me (extremely painful and sharp pins and needles) after the body heats up.  It lasts for 10 minutes.  If I'm excercising, I can sweat through it and it's gone.  If it's non-excersice related, it goes away when the body cools down.  For whatever reason, it's worse when the weather gets cold.  It goes away in the summer.  

Hystamine release is what causes the pain, so, I tried an anti-hystamine and it seems to work.  The whole-day drowsiness with Benedryl is a bummer, but it works so far.  With Zyrtec there is no drowsiness, but it doesn't work as well.  I'm trying to find that long-term solution and am thinking it's food related (though the allergist is convinced it's not a food allergy).  I'm am going off of wheat this week to see if it's a wheat allergy or intolerance.  I'll report back in a week with results.  In the meantime, I've got to go take a nap....;)  

Fingers crossed.
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I have checked all over and cannot find any ref to CAROM SEEDS.
could you have ment CARAWAY SEEDS?
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