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Extremely dry skin on a 2 month old baby

I have a two month old son which has extremely dry skin and his scalp is also extremely dry.  I use basis soap and eucerin which I apply on him at least three times a day and it still doesn't help him much I dont know what to do or apply one him, and that is what his pediatrician recommnded for me to use on him, but it hasnt helped much.  He also suggested to put baby oil on his scalp but it hasn't helped either.  What can I do?
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Mary Lou:

It sounds as though you are describing infantile eczema rather than just dry skin.  I would ask your pediatirian or demratologist about using hydrocortisone=baesd creams or lotions.  These are quite safe if properly used and can bring about marked recovery in a very short time.


Dr. R
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Hi Mary Lou,

   What you are describing, is the Eczema and should be treated right away.   We are now treating a 6 years old boy in Barrie, Ontario, Canada who was covered over 75% of his body with Eczema.   With our recommendation and our Natural Body Products, the boy has healed over 95% of his rash and his mother can't thank us enough.   She even had the boy talk to us over the phone to tell us that he loves us and thanks us very much.   If you would like to follow our Advice and treatment, please, contact us at: " medals.***@**** " and we will help you son.   Since we have been a Distributor in Natural Body & Home Care Products for a Company called: " Druide Laboratories Inc. from Montreal, Canada, we have been helping a large amount of people, including children as they are people too and can suffer as much as us and if not more.   We are specializing in Skin problems and we are talking consutations to help anybody who want our help.

   First, we will need to be informed about what Laundry Soap, Foam Bath, regular Soap, you use on the boy and what he eats regularly.

Hope to hear from you

Best Regards

Joe & Ghislaine
Our Web Site: " http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/medals.cmms/ "
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Hi Mary Lou,
             I know exactly what you are going through.  When my daughter was two months old she had the same thing happen.  It is excema.  I tried so many things on her.  She had it really bad in her scalp and lost all of her hair on one side.  One thing my pediatrician told me was to buy Selsum Blue shampoo. When you give your baby a bath lather there head really well with this shampoo, then just let it sit on her head while you wash the rest of her.  Then rinse it off.  Another product, I still to this day use on my daughter who is now two, is a product called Bag Balm.  You can find this product in Wal-Mart in the pet department.  I know that sounds weird, it is used on cow udders to keep them soft.  Right after you give your child a bath, do not dry them all the way and then rub on the Bag Balm.  It is a really greasy product, so do not get on the baby's good clothes.  I hope that this will help in some way.  I wish I would have found this product earlier.  A pharmicist who knew what I was going through, told me about this product and she had been using it on her son for the same problem.
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It is probably eczema.  My son had it at 9 weeks old.  If it is
eczema then you might want to try changing the formula also.  My son was allergic to milk formula so I changed to SOY formula.  It
stinks but his flareups did minimize.  Also use noncomedogenic
lotions, soaps, detergents , the like.  If your child is allergic, to any of these, the medicines will only work for a while and then the symptoms will return.  I was told to only bathe my son twice weekly and rub down with mineral oil while he was still wet. (That worked fine because he was allergic to the fragrance in baby oil)  Just experiment.  good luck.
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My son, who is now seven, had the same thing. It was exzema, and it did clear up with prescription hydrocortisone. He also tended to get severe diaper rash, which also cleared up with a combo of hydrocortisone and an antifungal (also prescription). We discovered after he started solid foods that he's allergic to peanuts, and I had virtually lived on peanut butter sandwiches while I was nursing him until I realized he got colicky when I had had peanut butter. I doubt there's any way to tell if the allergy is related to the eczema though.

He still has the exzema, but only on his hands and earlobes. I've found that over-the-counter cortisone, applied regularly, helps. Also, I've recently discovered another over-the-counter cream, called Eurax, that works much faster. It's an antipruritic. I'm in Canada -- if you're in the States, this stuff might not be available over the counter. And I'd ALWAYS check with your doctor before using something like that on an infant.
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Hi I have a 2 month old  daughter and she has dry skin all over her body her docter tell me to use a shampoo calld selenium sulfide but that dident work now I'm using a shampoo calld aveeno and it's not going away and now she has dry skin in her scalp what cane I do?
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