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Face hair

I hope you can help me with a question about my face hair . I don't understand why my face hair not growing in front of my ears ( like side-burns) down my face toward the chin and neck so that I would have normal beard ? I'm  healthy 45 years old man and I do have face hair on my upper lip ( moustache ) and under lower lip and the chin. There are no  problems with other hair on my body. I would like to know is it possible somehow to get "terminal" hair grow in front of my ears ( like side-burns) down my face toward the chin and neck by taking some medicine, or applying some cream ( Retin A, cortisone, Rogaine ...), or something else, or may be it can be done by plastic surgery ? I've red that in cases of ALOPECIA AREATA, injection of Cortisone, under the face skin only,  to affected area had helped  re-grow lost hair. Will it work in my case? Or may be by applying Rogaine on face skin will help to grow  hair? I would really appreciate it if you can give me some clue what can be done .
(I can send for you a picture of my face skin )
Thanks in advance
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There are many variations in hair growth patterns.  These don't amount to diseases or abnormalities for the most part.  People with bare spots like the ones you describe can't grow acceptable-looking beards.  Medications don't help, as far as I know.  I doubt that Rogaine would be of use.  I also doubt it's alopecia areata, and even if it is, treatment options are poor.  If the bare areas are new, then perhaps it is alopecia, and it may regrow spontaneously.  If it's always been this way since puberty, then there really isn't anything you can do that I know of.  Please consult a dermatologist in person for a more definitive evaluation.


Dr. Rockoff
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