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Facial Rash

am hoping someone out there has either gone through what I am going through or have some idea of what is going on.

I am a 46 yr old male that has been having on-going facial rashes for the last three to four years. I have been seeing a deramtologist ( three to be exact ) for this length of time and have not gotten to the source of my rashes ( if that is what it is ).

Symptoms: red, itchy, burning blotches on my face, mostly in the beard area from ear to ear. At times it appears to be acne like but as it flares up it almost takes up my whole cheek area in one big blotch ( it occurs evenly on both sides of my face ). When the rash ( ? ) flares up really bad it also affects my forehead, more specifically about an inch over my eyebrows and spreads across the whole head.

When it first occurred my DR at the time thought it might be a wart cluster and used liquid nitrogen on the cheeks and within a week I was in the hospital for IV anti-biotics as my whole face ( again specifically beard area ) started to weep out fluid from teh infection and then scabbed over and this was from ear to ear. The infection was treated with antibiotics and the hospital also gave me percocet for the pain. The next time I had a flare up ( within three months ) I was off work for six weeks and the treatment this time was prednisone and the antibiotics.

I have not had a full blown infection in over two years but just recently it flared up really bad again and I need IV anti-biotics again. My dermatologist has given me various antibiotics as he thought it might been a bad acne case but I have been on accutane and that more or less made the rash worse. I have been on dapsone and various anti immune drugs but they do not seem to work at all.

At this time the only thing that is holding the rash back is the prdnisone but that has led to other problems, kidney stones, loss of bone density, roundness of face, weight gain. I want to be off the steroids if I can be but it is all that seems to work at this time ( dose 40mg ). I have also completed a few rounds of lighttreatment but that did not help in any way.

At this time I am also doing a round of anti-viral drugs as my dermatologist thinks it could be a viral infection ( the last two flare up included cold sores but I do not think it is helping ). I have been on the prednisone for two weeks now and teh rash is not really going entirely away this time.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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