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Facial rashes every morning

My 13 yr old daughter has started waking with rashes on her face every morning.  Been since October.  We live northeast.  Mostly at times on her cheeks or under her eyes or around eyes, but its mostly under her mouth or sides of mouth.  No bumps or pimples or anything like that.  Just rashing.  Over her lip it always bothers her (maybe burns). and I dont see a rash there.  She wants me to apply aquaphor on lips and above upper lip alot.  Dermatologist said okay to use that.  She has Autism and can't communicate well or speak so I dont know what to do.  We had ige bloodwork and quick skin test at allery doctor.  She has seasonal tree allergies where in springtime and reacts this way thru face rashing also and swelling of lips or eyes with the pollen.  But Now it started again in October with suddenly rashing. She has no food allergies per allergy tests of 100 foods, condiments and environmental.   Only a very low allergy to dust mites.  I changed her room to dust mite covers, sheets changed to microfiber, rugs out to hardwood a few yrs ago, no curtains, etc.  i use a vacuum with hepa filter.  I have her on Zyrtec now and have a steroid cream from dermatologist.  If not left on Zyrtec, I notice rashing still.  Hate giving her antihistamine every day. Allergy and derm doctors think it is a contact allergen.  Not sure as what is causing.  We use hypoallergenic fragrance free natural shampoo, no face washes on her, no products with perfumes etc near face.  It is always mouth area, and is not perorial dermatitis as has no bumps per dermatologist.  Anyone have had this or can offer some help?

  Her thyroid tests just showed 1 thyroid antibody test came back at 65.  The other was fine.  My doctor thinks maybe allergy issues could have contributed to thyroid showing antibody Anti TPO slightly elevated at 65 Iu/ml and free T4 on low side and TSH on low side also, but other thyroid tests fine.  Doctor states wants us to get endocrinologist opinion anyway. Could rashing be contributed to this?  Her Vitamin D was perfect and iron needs some improvement.  This is just perplexing and want her to not wake up rashy.  It will improve during day at school etc.  My house is very clean.  I considered maybe cleaning the heating ducts.  Just trying to figure out what could be.  Heat turned up at night, the low dust mite allergy, thyroid?  
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It is a chemical called Methylisothiazolinone. Its now in most all liquid products like soap, shampoo, body wash, dish soap, shaving cream, etc. The rash can be a run off from the shampoo on the face. Even the "free and clear" soaps and shampoos have it. Check all labels. Doctors are clueless about this chemical that is now widely used, even old products you have always used may now have this ingredient. Hope this helps. It took me a year to figure this out on my own.
Thank you.  I read about this also.  This week I just bought Sun and Earth laundry detergent which has least amount of bad stuff in it and does not include that chemical you are talking about. Also I noticed that when she eats anything with Himalayan salt that I use at home, she is always irritated and rashed.  I did both these changes removing that type salt and changed the detergent and her face is now clear.  Her upper lip will sometimes bother her but a great improvement.  Thanks again.
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Forgot to say that bar soap generally won't have this chemical, but the liquid or body wash versions will... even from the same company.
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