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Fever Blister or something else

Hello Doc,

I have a pretty big question and I wanted to get your view on this matter before I rush off to another doctor and pay another 75.00 and for an expensive test.

Today I have been out in the Texas sun (temp up to 102 degrees at time plus some humidity).  I am overweight around 400+ pounds so I sweat a lot.  I had been going in and out of stores from hot to cold quite often plus wiping my face.  I noticed today that I have some slight buring on the lips and what I thought appeared to be a pimple starting at the top center of my upper lip.

I have tried to get you the best pictures of my lips as I can.  There is buringing more towards the top part of my lip it streches from the center outwards some and when I have the lips mosit I don't feel the buring.  Feels like they are wet sometimes and I need to wipe them.  My fear is this maybe a cold/fever sore/blister but I want to know if there is anything else this could be.  I am used to more of a dry climate and have been here visiting for a few days.  When visitng the doctor here they said I was running a fever and could be fever blister.  However, he didn't see to knowledgeable and was more or less short with me. Please help.

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Clinically, it very much sounds like Herpes labialis (cold sores; fever blisters). It can be triggered by sun exposure, fever, and stress (among other causes). Burning, itching or tingling sensation occur even before lesions appear. An outbreak in lip area starts with small blisters (vesicles) filled with clear yellowish fluid, on a swallen, red, painful area. Blisters burst and ooze. Finally, yellow crusts form.

Herpes labialis can be treated both topically and orally with anti-viral drugs. Untreated, the symptoms will go away, but slightly slower. It is important to prevent secondary bacterial infection too (antibiotic cream).  

Dr. Jasmina Jankicevic
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Do the lips in my pictures support that though?
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Or could this be anything else?
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