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Finger Bumps

Good morning,

I have what would seem to be pustules on my index finger.  I have two and they burn a bit causing discomfort.  They are also shiny and smooth.  There is no head to them now, though I thought I recognized one there two weeks ago.  Either way. nothing has popped or shrunk in size.  Only growing, these fellows are.  There are other additionaly shiny patches (pin head size) near the area though they seem to be stunted in their growth.  The ones on my finger just seem to get bigger and not be anywhere near healing.  

Growing up I used to get bouts of eczema on the elbows during the summer.  As I reached the teen years this subsided but this summer they have returned.  It does not bother me so much but I wonder if these things on my fingers are indeed eczema.  

Do warts expand and hurt in a short period of time?  There is no attention to these things that would cause irritiation.  These things are hurting on their own.

I am curious and hoping for help.  Hope you are well.


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Good diagnosis, Jeff: these do indeed sound like eczema.  The little bubbles you describe are no doubt blisters.  You can't see them in a patch of scaly eczema--you'd need to look under a microscope, but where the skin is thick, you can see them.  Anyhow, it's mot catchy, so you can ignore it if you want.  If they bother you, a precription-strength steroid cream may help.
The condition comes and goes, more or less at random.


Dr. Rockoff
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