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Finger Fungus

My son has a blister like fungus that keeps re-occurring on his fingers.  It usually begins like a blood blister, on the palm side and between the joints of his fingers.  Within a few days, it will be increasingly more blistered like, begin to swell and look like a fever blister that would appear on a person's lip.  He does get the herpes type fever blisters on his lips occassionally, but can be treated with Abreva.
When he was a child, he would get this type of fungus on his fingers regularly, but it was do to him sucking on them instead of his thumb.
How do I treat this?  We have used Abreva, fungus creams, anti-botic ointments and even popped the blisters to relieve the pressure.  The fungus continues to grow in size, but never spreads to other parts of his finger.  It stays contained to an oval shape, just increases in size and color.
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There was a write up recently with someone having similiar symptoms. A member gave them info. I think the name is Kindd. Check the members and find his name. He is a dr and he gave a lot of info on it. RJ
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Definitive diagnosis of a fungal infection is by skin scraping of the lesion and evaluating it under the microscope. It is important to know the underlying cause to be  able to determine which treatment options are possible. Fungal infection usually  responds well to medication. With his history of herpes simplex virus or cold sore, viral infection should also be ruled out.

However, if there is peeling involved, this could  also be  exfoliative keratolysis which is a common skin condition that presents with peeling of the fingers or palms and sometimes the soles which may become red, dry and cracked. The symptoms are aggravated by exposure to irritants including water, soap, detergents and solvents.This condition usually recurs within a few weeks. Avoiding exposure to irritants and emollient hand creams may help. If it persists, it would be best to have this evaluated further by a dermatologist for proper management.

Take care and regards.

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