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Finger bumps?

I've spent hours researching this and have found many similar conditions but mine isn't  the same so any help would be great. A few weeks ago I got a very mildly itchy rash on the sides of my index and ring fingers and only slightly on top as well. I assumed it was poision ivy and ignored it. The bumps dried out and stopped itching and have peeled in some spots. They don't itch or burn or have any fluid in them. Since then I have gone on a business trip in a dirty factory and have noticed where the bumps were, there now appears to be super tiny holes. I only notice because even after washing my hands and showering dirt remains in the holes making them very visible. At one point on this trip the bumps returned but didn't itch at all and had no fluid in them and subsided within a day. I have pictures I can attach if it helps find answers. I also broke out in a rash on my chest and butt, but have dismissed those as unrelated and believe they were heat rash and caused by sweat and blocked pores, but I am undecided of relation with now small slightly itchy bumps appearing on the backs of my calves. This might be heat/sweat related as well? I'm in Tennessee and its been 100+ everyday and inside the factory temperatures must be atleast 115 in the afternoons. The bumps/holes in my hands aren't concerning enough for me to get a medical evaluation as they have no side effects other than just being there. Any information helps, thanks.
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The fact that you have noticed tiny holes in the skin, these have created an entry for bacteria to enter.

The rash that you have noticed may be due to the infection in your body from bacteria entering the tiny holes.

Make an appointment to see your doctor to give you the correct diagnosis.  If your rash is caused by bacteria, you will need a prescription for an antibiotic.
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I should probably mention I don't thinks its pompholyx or eczema, but I could be wrong.
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