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Flat warts on face

My 8-year-old daughter has had flat warts on her face for nearly two years now.  They do not seem to be improving, in fact, they seem to have spread.  We started off using Tazorac per one doctor's request.  Then after a year of that and skin irritation, he tried burning off some of the warts which were painful for her and it didn't work.  Then we switched doctors and have now been using Aldara cream which doesn't seem to be helping.  Do I keep switching doctors to find a treatment for this?  What do you suggest because I'm at a loss for what to do for her?  They are not itchy, but are unsightly and embarassing for her.  Please help us.
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I have also suffered with flat warts for almost 3 years now, and I know the pain you and especially you daughter feel. After trying various treatments, nothing seemed to be working at least not permanently. One thing that reduced the appearance of the flat warts was retinol cream at a strength of .05 but it is extremely drying to the skin and is very harsh especially on skin that is not used to it. I also was told to try aldara to no effect. Then in a class on psychology we learned about the healing of warts through positive thinking and the placebo effect. This may sound crazy, but in desparation I decided to give it a try, I had nothing to lose. Every night when I would put on my aldara I would say "This will take care of my flat warts, my flat warts are going to go away." Then before going to bed every night I would envision myself free of flat warts and tell myself repeatedly that they were going to go away and not come back. At first I thought it was silly but after a few weeks of this process I was wart free. Persistent warts on my foot (about 10-20 platars warts) all came off at one time with absolutely no treatment. Then, to my amazement, before I knew it my face was flat wart free for the first time since I began to get them. I know that you may not believe in positive thinking and may think it is crazy, but I urge you to try it and you may just be suprised, I definitely was.
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This could be warts. There is no single treatment for warts that is 100% effective and different types of treatment may be combined.

You should consult a skin specialist for the symptoms. If these are plane warts - she would benefit by using salicylic acid cream, cryotherapy, curettage and light cautery.

If these are filiform warts - cryotherapy or curettage and light cautery would help.

Facial warts should not be treated with wart paints because of the risk of severe irritation and possible scarring.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us about what the skin specialist advises.

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Did the positive thinking truly work? I'm 19 and currently home to hundreds of flat warts on my face as well as a few on my hands and a few on my forearms. They remain rather invisible, but they are persistant and continue to spread. So far Retenoids, PDT, Aldara, and salicylic acid have not worked. I desperately wish to get them off me and return to my normal skinned self!
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I am 22 and have had flat warts all over my face for the past four years. They have also spread to one of my legs and a few on one of my hands. I have been to the dermatologist multiple times and have tried many things; many forms of Tazorac, salicylic acid (moisturizers, cleansers, toners), all kinds of anti-aging medications (i mean ALL kinds), apple cider vinegar, no make-up, aloe vera, ect ect ect. I've tried everything and anything other than surgery. I still have all of them and more. Some websites even say to give it time, well I've waited four years and nothing has worked. Please let me know if you ever find a cure because I sure have not. :(
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I too had flat warts for at least two years when I was 18 years old.  I was in your situation and had tried everything!  My dermatologist had me see teams of his colleagues to try to help me. What finally worked was being put on the heavy duty acne medication called Acutane.  It dried the **** out of my skin, mouth etc. but after two tries on this stuff, I was wart free.

After 17 years wart free, I recently discovered a couple of flat warts on my chin once again.  This time, I quickly knew what they were and didn't pick at them (unlike last time).  I am seeing the doctor next week to get a referral to a dermatologist and if not laser removal, I will bear the side effects of Acutane to not go through the hell of them spreading all over my face like last time.

I hope this helps you and others on this thread.
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i have flat warts for four years. for the first three years, there were only 2 of them on the left side of my face. and suddenly, the number keeps increasing this summer . i don't know why. now warts spread to my whole left side of my face.

Does anyone have their wars growing only on one side of their face??
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Hi im29  years of  age  I'm suffering warts  problem. After I giving birth  with my two sun...now is more than  warts that I have..my warts are continues more...what I
can I do  to remove all these warts...
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