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Folliculitis, Rashes and Tinea - OH MY (Help!)


I need your help. I am at the end of my rope. OK - here's my story:

May '06 - Moving family to east coast from west (packing, driving truck, etc) I developed first case of Tinea Cruris I'd hever had... both sides of groin, Very painful. I am 35, white male - no drink/smoke and no history of any medical issues.

June '06 - (and here's the kicker) I had VERY brief protected vagial sex with So. American sex worker while on business. Never before, never again. Regret and grief is beyond words. however... I immediately fell ill right afterword with flu-like/cold-like symptoms on flight back to US. Been pretty much sick off and on since then - and worried.

Symptoms: dry mouth, folliculitis, pains in mouth/apthous ulcers, pain under right rib, odd skin burning (like dry skin, red - transient on arms and thighs), scalp pimples, lost some weight but gained it back, light diarreha, odd node pain in arms and groin ... massive anxiety.

From July 06 to present - I have had multiple HIV 1&2 EIA and PCR, Urine, HSV I&II, Hep, Syph, Chlamid, Ghon and CBC Blood work/liver work every month. All negative, normal. I've seen 2 dermatologists, 2 GPs and an infections disease doc. All said I am fine. Throughout, I had persistent stubborn folliculitis and rashes on neck/cowl, forearms and thighs (also came back from east coast to DRY midwestern weather during this time). I had been diagnosed with everything from Folliculitis to Keratosis Polaris. Tried creams, hibiclens, clyndamicin, bactroban in nose, etc -- even 2 rounds of Cephalexin. It keeps coming back.

So here I sit at 10 months -- still freaking out. My question is - can folliculitus (stated online as a "subtle" way early HIV can present as the immune system is slowly eroded -- i friggin hate how they word things like this) be a sign that HIV is fooling the tests and I still have it? If not - WHAT IS THIS FOLLICULITIS FROM -- and how do I cure/solve it? Is such stubborn folliculitis normal in people without other immune issues? I am very frightened.

Much thanks - all the best.
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I hope that you have found an answer (or some solution(s)) to your perplexing symptoms & distress.
I just wanted to make a suggestion for one problem you mention: apthous ulcers. I had regular occurrences for 20 years, and within the past year started using Listerine (as mfr. suggests, 30 sec. twice daily) & have not had an ulcer since. (I think store brand would work, as well). I really think - but am not yet completely sure - that the LIsterine (which is effective in killing a large % of bacteria) has prevented recurrences.
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