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Folliculitis or Herpes?

About six months ago I slept naked with man. There was no sexual intercourse but definite skin to skin contact. Exactly one week after I started to get a strange tingling feeling on my right buttocks cheek. This tingling then spread to the inside of my groin and down the back of my leg. A day or two after I felt a stinging sensation in the same area and when I looked in the mirror there were a few red pimple like dots with a whitehead, on different spots on my buttocks cheeks. I have been to 2 different doctors about this as I was concerned it was herpes. The 1st doctor had a look and straight away it cant be herpes but we did a type specific blood test to check. The test came back positive for HSV type 1 IgG (which I do get coldsore very rarely) and negative for HSV type 2 IgG and IgM which she explained to me that, that means my body hasnt produce antibodies for type 2 and that my blood wasnt showing that I was having a HSV type 2 breakout at the time it was taken. Ok so that means I dont have HSV 2. But is it still possible that I could be having a type 1 outbreak on my buttocks even though I know I already have had the virus in the form of coldsores for years....? The blood test doesnt really help as I knew I already was positive for type 1, but that doesnt mean that the symptons im experiencing on my buttocks isnt type 1 does it?
Both doctors said they couldnt do a swap cos the pimple like spots werent open sores. The 2nd doctor was positive that it was folliculitis from just looking at it and told me to wash in pHisohex which contains 1% w/v Triclosan(10mg/mL) and I have been using it twice a day now for almost a month and it hasnt made any difference. The reason why Im so worried about this being herpes is because of the symptons I get before these 'pimples' appear. They include stinging, tingling and burning on the right buttocks. Then the pimples usually appear not long after that. The only thing that doesnt seem to be common for herpes is that the pimples dont ever seem to go away...there is always ay least some irritation there. But the tingling, stinging and burning comes and goes, usually more intense around my period. I hope someone can help me with some answers.....thankyou
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Can anyone help me? Any answers?
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Does anyone know much info on folliculitis? Ive been reading through the posts and my symptons seem a little different.....My red dots are more like really red pimples with a whitehead and they sting alot. They can appear anywhere on my buttocks some close together some not. I hope someone can help me please......?
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This could be sweat dermatitis, folliculitis, allergic reaction. In most individuals there are outbreaks of folliculitis from time to time.

Folliculitis is infection and inflammation of the hair follicles. The condition may be superficial (i.e., on the surface of the skin) or deep within the follicles.The most common cause of folliculitis is infection by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

Folliculitis symptoms can appear independent of infection. Exposure of the skin to certain chemicals, especially oils and tars, can trigger an outbreak. People with depressed immune systems, diabetes, or obesity have a greater risk of contracting folliculitis than the general population.

Patients with chronic unresponsive folliculitis may require investigation into the source of the infection. S. aureus bacteria can live in the patient's nostrils, periodically triggering a folliculitis outbreak.

Individuals who are predisposed to folliculitis should be extremely careful about personal hygiene. Application of antiseptic washes may help prevent recurrences. A topical antibiotic cream, mupirocin (Bactroban®), has been effective at reducing bacterial colonization in the nostrils. It is applied twice daily for a week and is repeated every 6 months.

If there any of the mentioned medical causes then treating those will reduce the occurence of the condition.

Some stubborn cases of folliculitis have been responsive to laser-assisted hair removal. This process uses a laser to destroy the follicle. This reduces the scarring that results from folliculitis.

Let us know if you need any other information and consult a skin specialist if the lesion is persistent.


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Can folliculitis cause the tingling and throbbing pain i was experiencing in the same reigon??
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Im still getin alot of stinging and muscle pain around my buttocks, down back of leg and in my hip joint. Can anyone please tell me if this is symtons of Folliculitis?? Its driving me mad!!!
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Are you on any medications currently? Have you consulted a doctor for your symptoms.

Folliculitis can cause pain, itching and tingling too. a clinical examination is essential for a confirmed diagnosis.

Let us know if you need any other information.

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