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Furuncle that does not go away

One day suddenly when i was about to shave my beard, I could feel that something is painful under my chin..to be exact..in my neck..it was little painful and I thought that a pimple is about to pop out...but it has not happened..but from the next day there was a small swelling and it started paining and became worse...i went to a dermatalogist and she examined it by holding it, moving it and looked through an equipment fitted with light and she told me that it is a furuncle (infection ) under the skin and it is infected...put me on antibiotics and told me that it may go away on its own or it may have to be removed by a surgeon...after taking the antibiotics for 3 days and pain killers the pain has completely gone away but there was some white formations like sharp tips on it...as the previous dermatologist was not available I consulted with another one..who did the same what the first one did and told me that "I would also say its an infection and it is infected bcos I could see the pus outisde"..she told me to continue the same antibiotics for one week and told me that the lump under the neck would go away and need not to worry...but I have completed by antibiotics course and still the lump was there (but went smaller than before and no pain nothing"...again i visited her and asked abt the lump (size is much much lesser than green pea, could feel if i touch it) not going away...she told me that it is quite common that after a furuncle gets healed it may leave the lump and asked me to not to worry on this and move on...she was confident it is nothing but that small lump is worrying me...but it does not affect me in any manner...should I really consult some one else and get it checked...pls suggest me...thanks in advance...
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I'd probably wait and see on it- keep an eye on the lump and if it starts to show signs of infection again, go back- other wise, give it a bit more time to fade (which it still may).  If it bothers you visually and you just can't get used to it being there, head in for a second opinion and talk about removal.
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