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Genital Warts

ok i have left a question before reguarding genital warts,for a year and a half i have been getting these solid lesions or bumps that were greyish or darkish colored, for the entire year and a half i was ripping them off by hand and letting the skin heal, and everytime they came back i ripped them off, i must have done this around 20  times, they come back so fast, and i also noticed that twice when my skin was normal, i had unprotected sex with my girl and one bump came back right after that, for the first time they been coming back looking worst and for the first time in a group, i finally went to 2 derms. and they said it was warts but none of the treatment worked (podophylin, aldara, condylox) i was wondering could they be misdiagnosing me since these bumps are on the penis and that usually something like that suggest warts considering i had unprotected sex, if so what can be mistaken for warts that can be dark or greyish colored, the dr said my next step is surgery but what if they arent warts, i spoke to a couple of HPV specialist and they told me genital warts are like any other wart and once removed they dont usually reoccur the way im getting it, but the drs said that is very untrue, so please respond with what can look like this and not be warts and are warts sometimes misdiagnosed or not
Thank You
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Warts often don't respond to condylox, Aladara, and podophyllin.  I suggest you get them burned off or frozen off.  Warts often recur, but not right away--but you aren't removing them, just scraping off the top.  Please stop doing that.

As to misdiagnosis, if the doctor has any doubt, have him send oe of the specimens he removes to the pathologist for confirmation.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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