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Genital Warts

I have HPV (Warts).  I have attempted several different treatments that don't seem to work.  I would like to try a new product by Compound W - Compound W Freeze Off (http://www.medtechinc.com/images/CPW_FO_DFU.pdf).  It does say not to use the product on Genital Warts.  I have a few questions:

1.  Why would this product not work on HPV?

2.  Would this be any different than Cryo therapy?

3.  Is the warning there just to make sure you see a Dr. for an accurate diagnosis?

4.  What would be the downside of trying?

5.  What do you think?

Thanks very much!!
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1. It might work, but no maker of an over-the-counter product is going to suggest that patients freeze their own genitalia without supervision.
2. It is not as cold as the liquid nitrogen doctors use.
3. Yes, which is not unreasonable when you consider that there are other bumps people get that aren't warts.
4, Blistering your penis and leaving long-lasting marks and not getting the job done.
5. I think you should not freeze your own penis.  If it makes sense in your case, your doctor can prescribe at-home treatments (e.g. Condylox, Aldara).

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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