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Genital Warts?

A few months ago I noticed a few bumps near where my penis connects to my body. I have had unprotected sex before so this has me feeling very upset. I am prone to skin tags but I realize that they normally don't grow in the pubic region. These bumps highly resembled skin tags however as they were 'floppy' and not really similar to warts that I have had on my hands. I noticed the same types of growths on one of my testicles. I removed the growths myself around where my penis connects to my body. They came right off when I pulled at them. I went to see a doctor in the men's clinic and he said he couldn't see anything where I had pulled these growths off. I had him take a look at the growths on my testicles and he said that they weren't anything to worry about. Then, last week, the morning after receiving oral sex, I noticed two more growths higher up on the shaft of my penis. I pulled one off and left the other for a doctor to look at. I went to see another doctor at the health center who told me that these new growths were nothing to worry about either. However, this doctor wasn't a specialist in the men's clinic. Because he told me they were nothing of concern I pulled the other growth off as well. I then went to see a third doctor who is a specialist in the men's clinic who couldn't see anything where I had pulled my various growths off but told me the growths on my testicles were of no concern.

1. Because the growths on my penis so closely resembled the ones on my testicles, can I feel confident that the two men's specialist diagnosis of the growths on my testicles means the other growths that I pulled off are nothing to worry about also?
2. If these were genital warts wouldn't they be difficult to just pull/pick off? Also, wouldn't warts just re-grow in the same spot, instead of in a different location?
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I doubt from your description that these are warts.  They are probably the small cysts men get on the penis and scrotum.  I suggest that you stop pulling them off and that you take the doctors who examined you--who certainly know what warts look like--at their word.


Dr. Rockoff
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What from my description makes you think they are cysts and not warts? Also could you provide a link or something so I can do some reading on these cysts?

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