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(Genital herpes!?) Red tender area(s) above genitals in pubic hair

In the past few days I noticed two red bumps or areas in my pubic area. I'm a male.

I squeezed one of them (I know bad idea). A little blood came out. Now it's a little redder and tender. If I press it in, I can feel a lump. The other red area that I didn't tamper with doesn't hurt to the touch

I'm worried this is genitial herpes. I'm hoping it just a blocked follicle or something like that. I have had two partners. One is my soon to be ex-wife and my current girlfriend. 8 months after we seperated, I slept with her (dumb mistake) She had been with 7 people since we seperated. The last "one night stand" for her was in February (3 months ago. I asked her if she had any tenderness, or bumps in her genital area and she said no.

I really hope I'm just being paranoid and the swelling on the red tender area is from me pissing around and infecting the area. I've just not really noticed anything like this before. I did have some "vigourous sex" with my girl friend over the past 5 days; I'm a clean freak too (showers each day and pretty much everytiem after sex)
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These sound like inflamed follicles, not herpes.  Squeezing them aggravates the problem, as you know.  I suggest you leave them alone, apply bacitracin ointment daily, and show them to a doctor if they last more than 2 weeks.  They still won't be herpes, but you'll find out what they are.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have the same problem but mine is reacurring...is that possible
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