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Geographical Tongue

I have had the GT since a young child.  I am currently have a terrible time with it I believe due to some medicines or some very heavy stress.  I can't get any relief.  I do know I can't eat any salty foods or acidy type fruits.  My food intake is very limited.  Everything just burns terrible.  I just will just start to get it healed and then something will set it right off again.  Even toothpaste! It's just awful.  I have never been given anything to help it.  All that ever feels good is cold milk and ice cream and that gives me STOMACH problems!  It's a no win battle!  This does run in families (my brother has it too) AND it is affected by hormones it was really bad during preganancys.  I had some relief for a while but this medicine for migraines or this new stress in my life is causing some real grief now!  I wish there was help!  any one have any new ideas?

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Hi I also have GT. Mine was never a problem until recently. I have been through a stressful time and my tounge has gotten red and raw patches on the tip of my tounge. Bumps like lesions on my tounge. a raised white patch with the taste buds on them seaming hard. I find myself picking at it and using a topical pain med (gly-oxide) recomended by my PC. He assures me it will pass but I thought it was something different (STD). It seems to be getting better after a day of using this med. It helps me forget it is there and go on with my day. Otherwise I pick at it and cant leave it alone. If any one had any pictures of anything like I desrcibed i would appreciate seeing them to help calm me down.
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While there is no known cure or commonly prescribed treatment for geographic tongue, there are several ways to suppress the condition, including avoiding foods which exacerbate the problem.

Some people affected by geographic tongue also report that taking Vitamin B supplements causes the condition to go away temporarily. Some groups mention using antiinflammatory steroids applied topically clears the patches.

Burning may also be reduced by taking antihistamines. The condition is usually asymptomatic and insignificant; persisting pain is rare. Geographic tongue is not associated with any known systemic diseases.

Medical treatment isn't necessary for geographic tongue. The condition usually resolves on its own within months, but it can last a year or more. After which time, the tongue returns to its normal appearance. Though sometimes uncomfortable, the condition is harmless.'

You could read more about the condition at the following links-




Let us know if you need any other information.

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I may have some interesting information for sufferers of Geographical Tongue. My son who is now 16 has had the condition almost on a daily basis since birth, like everyone else who suffers from it, we tried everything and every specialist to no avail.
Just over a year ago my son collapsed and was raced to hospital, he had no iron at all in his body and was on the verge of death, so much so he was given a full blood transfusion. After months of testing and a stomach/intestinal biopsy, he was finally diagnosed with Coeliac Disease - allergy to gluten.
As a result, his diet changed and all gluten intake was removed. He is now a very healthy strong teenager.
The interesting fact though is that since the gluten was removed from his diet a year ago, he has had a completely clear tongue. Not once in the last 12 months has he had any flare ups. We noticed in the past that although acidic foods caused pain and discomfort on the affected area, it was never the cause of the geographic tongue. Now however, he can eat pineapple, eat salty foods and drink orange juice, for the first time in his life.
He has a healthy clear tongue as well.
I would like to see the medical profession research further into the connections with gluten and geographic tongue, as it may well be an early indication of gluten intolerance, a disease that almost killed my son. I do not believe this is pure coincidence, as gluten intolerant people have the villi on the intestinal wall worned down by gluten, a similar thing to what occurs on the tongue - the protection is eroded away.
It is definitely worth a closer look instead of the shrug shoulders - no cure - live with it attitude of most medical practioners.
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