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Glans damage?


I did something really stupid.

Because I wanted to remove the ugly "pearly penile papules" on my glans, I started an "amateur" treatment
I found on the internet to remove them.

The "treatment" was to soak my glans in iodine tincture, so that the PPPs would dry out and I could "shrub off" the dried out PPPs. Because my PPPs
were not very big, also some of the surrounding skin got shrubbed.

I continued the "treatment" for about a month, until most of the PPPs had almost completely vanished.  

However, months later without applying any more iodine, my glans hurts, especially in the morning, and when showering, although my glans looks normal, but maybe a little bit dry.
By "hurts" I mean that it feels a bit the same as if you have an open wound on your finger, and rub it over a piece of cotton or make it wet.

Could you explain what happened to my glans after repeatedly soaking it in iodine, and is there any way to reverse the possible damage?

Thanks in advance.  
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