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Grandson’s itchy welts, half circles, itchy redness

My grandson has had these welts for over two months now. They are on his legs his back his hips his stomach and back and he’s been getting on occasionally on his face. he’s been on prednisone and Zyrtec the prednisone clears it up after seven days but then they come right back and then he goes right back on prednisone. He has had an blood allergy test and it came back negative on everything. he has a dermatology appointment on Thursday I don’t want to put him back on prednisone again he’s gaining weight the Zyrtec does nothing and he has not been on any antibiotics. Some of the spots are half circles with white in the middle which looks like ringworm but his allergist said it’s not. I don’t understand why he has not been on an antibiotic I don’t think my son is pushing hard enough. We got a new pool at the beginning of summer and that’s when everything started so we thought it was something to do with the pool but he hasn’t been in the pool sense and it is still coming back. Is there a way I can send pictures on this forum?
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You can send a link to somewhere you've posted the pictures, but my experience on here is nobody will look at them probably.  The steroid probably made it much more likely it would come back, and antibiotics may very well do the same thing, as both types of drugs can adversely affect the immune system overall.  But without a diagnosis, you can't really make a decision on how to treat it, and if it's not an allergy, it could be a fungus, it could be bacterial, it could be some type of bug sting or bug bite -- almost sounds like he sat in an ant hill -- so you just have to find a better doctor, I think.  
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Is there one spot larger than the rest, a “mother spot” so to speak?  Google pityriasis rosea
Negative. He broke out again last night and my son put him back on steroid before bed. This morning it was partially cleared. I don’t understand the rings?? Others look like hives while others are circular almost completely with white in middle. Reminds me of alien spaceship from Alien movies
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Any chance it could be scabies?
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