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Green on my wound under my skin

my dogs  leash got wrapped around my leg and pulled the skin off and made it like rope burn now it is starting to get green in the corner of my wound under the skin what do I do
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Are you seeing any discharge?  Could the green be a bruise or is it leaking green?  Have you had a fever, any streaks coming from the wound, or is the wound hot to the touch?  

Over all you want to, keep it clean and keep antibiotic ointment on it.  If you have any of the symptoms above though- you should see a doctor because it could be infected.  
I have hade none of those symptoms except it was Leaking blood with a  tent of yellow  and the green is like in a little bubble under the skin on my wound
I'd probably just watch it- clean it out with soap and water and get some antibiotic ointment to keep on it- you can bandage it during the day, and at night let it get some air.  If you start to see any of those symptoms or it doesn't heal- then you know you have an issue that should be looked at by a doctor.
Ok thx and I have also hade some  swelling below my wound is that normal or is a sign of infection
Swelling can be a sign of infection, but it can also just be a part of the wound- it doesn't sound like anything I would be concerned about unless it continues to get worse.  
I have one last Question I have soaked it in Epson salt for two days now will that help it?
Epsom salts couldn't hurt!
OK also when I walk on it, it is not red but when I walk on it,it gets red. why?
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