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Groin Abscess

I have a groin abscess that was lanced 2 months ago. Have been on two rounds of antibiotics and still hasn't healed w/air exposure. Any suggestions?
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Hi there,
The common sites for abscess formation are groin s and armpits. Abscesses are caused by minor breaks and punctures of the skin, obstruction of sweat glands and oil glands, and inflammation of hair follicles. These abscesses contain dead cells, bacteria, and other debris, which causes inflammation and pain. The common bacteria are staphylococci but sometimes tuberculosis can also lead to abscess formation. The causes of non healing groin abscess could be due to underlying infection, low supply of oxygen to the wound that is reducing the healing process, underlying diabetes, or due to underlying dermatitis. Wounds heal slower in smokers or alcoholics .Discuss with your doctor the above mentioned possibilities. Do keep us posted.
Best of luck and regards!
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I had a spot on my groin on tuesday by thursday this was bigger almost like a blister all around it was red and it was really painful! I didnt get round to calling my GP by the friday i was struggling to sut down and it was really sore when walking around but with 4 children under 6 i didnt have a choice! I went to my GP she told me it was a abscess and was going to send me to the hospital but i didnt have time to go so she gave me 2 different antibiotics to take together which im still taking now. Saturday i had to go out and with great difficulty i eventually got to all the places i needed to and when i got home the abscess ruptured! Thing is ive never had one before and just wanted to know how long this will take to heal its still painful and im going to put a dressing on it tomorrow seen as its been open and cleaned daily since saturday night
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