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Groin Rash - What Could It Be?

I posted my symptoms in the STD forum, and dr. HHH didn't seem to think they resembled Herpes too much, so I thought I would post them here as well to see what it "could" be.

Here's what happened, after a few days of lots of walking and sweating (the weather was pretty warm where I was) I began to feel a mild burning sensation in my left groin (in the crease between the leg).  About four days later I noticed a rash in this area that seemed to go in a straight line along the folds, and in the crease.  I don't remember seeing any blisters or bumps but can't really remember.  A few days after the rash appeared, I wore some loose fitting clothes, applied some talcum powder, and didn't walk anywhere - the rash was completely gone the next morning (so much so that a doctor examined it and said "there's nothing there").

It was all out of my mind, but then exactly three weeks later, after one day of lots of walking in sweaty clothes I started to feel the burning sensation in exactly the same spot (the left groin), and again a rash appeared a few days later.  There seemed to be bumps this time, but around hair follicles.  I examined the left groin as well and there was a little redness and some bumps, but not much and there was no burning on that side.

I should mention there was no itching at all during either outbreak, just mild burning, rash, then maybe some mild burning, and then it all cleared up.

What could this be?  Is it jock itch (even though it doesn't itch?)  Does this sound like a viral infection (I'm a little worried that the burning comes first and THEN the rash)?  Do these sound like aTypical Herpes symptoms?



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No, they don't sound like herpes, or like any viral infection.  They sound like irritation--fungus ("jock itch") wouldn't disappear without treatment, even temporarily.  I suggest avoidance of rubbing, use of powder, etc.  Burning often accompanies irritated rashes--before, during, and after.


Dr. Rockoff
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