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Groin/Scrotum Itchy Prickly Skin

Ok so this issue stems back from Oct 2016 when I had an encounter with a high risk partner, I received oral sex with a condom. However there was groping in other areas and whatnot, I can't say whether there was cross contamination. 1 week later my skin was burning and itching all over the penile shaft and red dots appeared, the skin turned plastic like and fell off. It started to heal, then I was experiencing irritation in the urethra like I had never felt before, it was keeping me up at night. It hurt after urination and it hurt during ejaculation and I was having clear discharge as well. I saw a doctor, came out negative for general STD check through urine test. He prescribed an Anti-fungal and hydro-cortisone cream which seemed to clear things up a bit. After I stopped the red bumps reappeared. They seemed to be scattered but in the same areas as previously, didn't seem to blister. I went back to the doctor who then prescribed a stronger dose of the same creams, nothing really changed. My penis remained blotchy pinkish/purple for a long time and I tried creams, ointments etc nothing helped. 6 months after the initial incident I started getting itchy down there, the shaft, inner thighs and anal areas. I also could see very small skin colored/ sometimes lighter little shiny patches that kind of flaked a bit they seem to be emerging from below in the same areas. I took a picture and brought it to a dermatologist. His response was it MAY have been lichen nitidus of some sort and he doesn't know why I was itching. The little bumps and shiny patches have disappeared but it itches and feels prickly like a cactus. It seems to be worse in the morning and gets better throughout the day. I thought maybe it was hot water, I've been taking shorter showers and staying hydrated. It also seems to be worse if I lack sleep or drink alcohol.

I'm sorry for the long post, it's just there's a lot of history. I have a hard time believing this isn't related to the sexual encounter as I never had this problem before in my life. I've tried everything and I'm extremely depressed about this and I can't risk giving this to someone else, it has ruined my life. I have pictures of the bumps that appeared if anyone would like to see. Please, if you have any idea or insight at all it would be greatly appreciated. At this point I'll try alternatives, anything.
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You  mentioned that you showed a dermatologist a photo, but did the dermatologist give you an exam?  It's pretty much impossible to diagnosis something from a photo- in fact it's a pretty bad idea.  If you haven't done so already, do go ahead and have a dermatologist give you an exam- if you aren't getting answers that lead to a resolution, you need to keep pushing for answers.  Don't hesitate to seek another opinion and keep working on getting answers.  
He examined me, but I had no rash at that time. It takes months to get in to a dermatologist, there's no way to time my rash with the visit. I mostly just have a prickly itching, there's nothing to look at.
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