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Groin bump??

This is a long question...I will give you a little history.  I have been with my husband for 7 years and am not a cheater!  I had a son last year.  I have an IUD in place and would like to have another child in the future.  I work in the medical field and have seen a lot of illness and infections (hospital and dental).  In 2002 I was poked my a used dental instrument and it did puncture the skin.  I was tested for AIDS several times over a year time frame because my employer did think it was a big deal at the time and I was nieve.  That being said...

*Swollen lymphnodes or cysts in the groin area.
I was told that I just had an infected hair follicle, no big deal.

During Pregnancy
*Inner thigh rash that was red, burning, hot, and itchy throughout my third trimester.
*vaginal pimple in the end of my first trimester.
I was treated like a piece of trash off the street..Therefore, I was tested for herpes and the test came up negative, but a gram positive stain.  I was told to treat it like a fungal infection...over the counter cream.  And to treat my inner thigh rash with Benadryl mixed with lotion, due to my current pregnancy.

Post pregnancy (currently)
* My husband has itchy red bumps on his chest and abdomen
* I had a red warm pustule found on my vagina that feels itchy post work out, and it popped.
* I still have headaches.

Since my problem has occured again and it was obviously not addressed properly before, what would you suggest I ask the next medical professional to test me for?  I don't know if I have been exposed to anything?  Thank you for your time.
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