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Grover's Disease Assistance

My husband (77) has had Grover's disease since April 2001.  It was finally diagnosed by biopsy.  He has been on Prednisone (20 mg /day) for 5 years.  Each time we try to reduce it, the Grover's comes roaring back.  

Dec. 21, 2002, he had his second heart bypass and has recovered well.  He had carotid artery surgery in Dec. 2005...and is doing well after that.

Our main problem is his body's reaction to Prednisone.  It has created diabetes and is causing multiple other problems.  However, he will face  almost anything rather than "the itch" coming back.  He  occasionally supplements the Prednisone with a topical steroid and Gold Bond powder.  Is there any other treatment that is available that would be less invasive and with less damaging side effects.

Thanks in advance for whatever assistance you can give us on this.  
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I don't think treating Grover's Disease with prednisone is a very good idea, especially since your husband has diabetes.  Grover's is a relatively unimportant condition, which doesn't respond too well to most therapies, but which can often be controlled by topical creams and other anti-itch measures.  Your husband may have to put up with less than complete control of his itch, but I suggest you consult your dermatologist about treatment options other than oral prednisone.
Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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Hello all. I am 52 years old and a female and a sunbaking freak. I have just had 3 red marks removed from my chest that I suspected were some sort of skin cancer. Turns out I have Grover's Disease. Just thought I'd let you all know this is NOT a disease that is restricted to males as all the internet info states! I tried all sorts of remedies first but getting them cut off provided me with no more itching which was bliss :)
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I have been diagnosed with Grover's disease and have been using Clobex spray. In the past it has helped reduce the itching and reduced the redness. It has flared up again and the spray seems to reduce the itching temporarily, but the redness is getting worse. I am a 67 year old male in good health.
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