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Grover's Disease


I was diagnosed with Grover's Disease in Feb.  There is not much information, does it ever go away?  I keep getting the bumps every now and then.  I also have a different rash that comes up without the bumps, but it itches the same, sometimes it doesnt.  It gets really red.  The dermatologist called it a vascular flare? This rash was coming up off and on before the Grovers was diagnosed, but more frequently lately.  It usually appears on my chest or collar bone and neck. One exception was the rash that appeared on my back that started the same way but developed big welps. The rashes usually last less than 24 hours, including the Grover's which I was fortunate the doctor got a biopsy on that one. I have MG and unexplained numbness and loss of reflexes.  My neurologist checked the anti jo antibodies and it was 8 which is normal, I have borderline asialo gm1 igm antibodies.  Any information is most welcomed.  I do not understand the rashes, and wanted to know if Grovers ever went away.  The derm doctor told me I was the 2nd woman in his life he had ever seen with it and I am 38 which is young for it.

Thank you
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The other "official" name of Grover's Disease is, "Transient acantholytic dermatosis."  As you can tell by the first word, the condition reputedly comes and then goes, though it can last a few months.  It's possible that not every spot you get is part of the same condition, though.  Many patients get what amount to blocked pores, and these may look like the bumps of Grover's and they may itch.  I'd work with your skin doctor on evaluating and treating these.


Dr. Rockoff
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