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HIV Rash


Recently I gave oral to this girl at a college party. She's 19 and I'm 20. A day and half later I had a sore throat and when I worked out I had a red rash on my arms and chest. It would only come when I worked out and it was red, not itchy, not raised, not bumpy. That week, I had a cold like symptoms and very low grade fever (99.5) with other cold symptoms, including a cough, but not much mucus (no runny nose). Two weeks later, the rash appears in the same fashion but just on my chest and not itchy, not raised, and not bumpy. It comes and goes, and the same girl said she had a cold the same week I just did and she said she had no STD's, but I am worried since I don't really do that that often. Should I be concerned? Throat is still raw but not sore, just appears reddish in color.
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With a rash coming and going accompanied by your other symptoms, it is highly likely that your body is fighting an infection.

It would be wise to see your doctor.
It would also be a good idea to ask your doctor if a swab can be taken from your throat to be analysed by the lab to identify the bacteria.

It will be up to your doctor whether he feels your need any medication in the way of antibiotics, he may wait to see the results of the swab first.    If you do have a virus no antibiotics will help.  You may have picked up what is called the "kissing disease" which is Infectious mononucleosis (IM for short and  also known as mono and glandular fever.

Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor.
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But not hiv correct?
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If you have been sexually active without using any protection, there is always a risk of getting an STD.  

I am not an expert on HIV, but the symptoms you describe are similar to those of the "kissing disease".  Only your doctor would be able to give you the correct answer once your get your throat swab done and get some blood tests.  

In the meantime don't go kissing and having sex with anyone until you are well healed.  If you do have Mono or anything else, you will just be passing it on.

Make the appointment to see your doctor urgently and get checked out.
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