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HIV Rash

I got a rash on Sunday afternoon, started spreading very fast as the next morning it was all over my body except for palms, bottom of feet and face.  I went to the emergenci room last night because I started to get scared.  The doc pushed in on the rash and said oh that's good, it turns white when I push on it.  He said that meant it was not a bad rash.  He treated me as if it was an alergic reation to food poisoning.  Does an HIV Rash turn white when you push on it?  This morning the rash it already getting better.  It is still on most of the places in was before but now they are not as red as last night.  He gave me steroids on benydryl.  Can you help me, because when I can here this morning I looked up Rashes and saw the HIV Rash which looks similiar to mine.  Are there other things that can cause a rash that looks the same?  I have had sex with a few girls since in the last several months and I  am scared.
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This kind of rash could be from allergy or from a virus, but there's nothing about it that sounds like HIV.  By the time you read this, it will probably be gone.  If it isn't, you should see a skin doctor for diagnosis, but that still doesn't mean it's HIV....



Dr. Rockoff
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Don't most rashes look like rashes? Stop looking at photo's to self diagnose yourself. It could be an allergic reaction or many other possibilities. If you are concerned about HIV go to get tested then never have unprotected sex again. Unless you want a baby. Over forty percent of the population have had some STD.  
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