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Hair loss for young female

I'm a 25 year old female who is experiencing kind of sudden frontal hair loss. Mostly it appears to be thinning and I began to notice it about a month ago and to me it seems to be getting worse by the week. There is no history of hair loss in my family men or women before menopause. I have been experiencing irregular periods for the past two year but they have recently been regular. It seems strange to me that a female of my age would be having hair loss. Do you think its permanent?  What should I do?
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I am 22 years old! I am losing hair to the extreme. I can wash or brush my hair and I will pull handfulls of hair out of my head! This is concerning me. I need some help!!
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I've noticed it starting 3-4 weeks ago. I haven't changed my hair products nor do i style or color my hair. I do seem to get tired easily tired but I have no decrease in appetite or tremmors and no significant weight gain. Is there a reason I am only losing my hair at my hair line?
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I just have a few questions:

For how long have you noted this?

Have you changed you hair products lately?

Do you frequently style or color your hair?

Are there other associated symptoms like sleepiness, easy fatigability, decreased appetite, tremors, weight gain?

Do keep us posted with your answers and let us start from there.
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hey I just came across your question and thought maybe i could help.

While I was battling anorexia nervosa, before I became pregnant, I had trouble with thinning hair. maybe you're having a dietary problem??

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