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Hard bump under skin of penis on shaft

I have recently noticed when i have an erection that i have a small Hard / bee bee size hard thing under the skin of my penis.  I can't tell what it is.  It doesnt really hurt however it seems to get irritated a little after working things up in that area.  Of course when things are not worked up, i have to search to find the hard spot, but can after looking for awhile.  I am in fear it may be a blood clot or something like that.   I have been married fro 15 years and don't have any sex with any other people and don't think is in any way an STD.  
Again, it is not painful, just freaks me out.  doesn't seem to be an infection either... im 39 years old.. just noticed it about a week ago.
please help.   Feels like a bee bee from an air gun when fully erect.. and it is not on the surface, definatley a bit under the skin...
thanks in advance for any help you can give
..oh yeah don't think you could even see it in a photo, it is 1/4 inch under the skin...

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I do agree that this doesn’t seem to be due to an underlying infectious cause. In the absence of pain, redness,  swelling and itchiness, a differential will be blocked  hair follicles. They may present as hard well defined discrete nodules beneath the skin of the penile shaft.

Is the lump movable or is it fixed?

Has it enlarged?

Are there any associated  problems with erection or sexual response?
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Thank you for replying.
No pain, and it is apparently movable.  I tried to squeeze it today to see if it would cause me pain and it didn't, nor did it get irritated.  It just seems to be there out of nowhere.  I have had problems with hair follicles in the past, in fact just 2 months prior around the lower shaft, i had a infected hair folicle.  I had to go see my urologist, which i hate to do.  It is super embarrasing for me for some reason.  however he gave me some medication and it cleared up in a couple weeks.  
This however is different.  It doesn't have seemed be enlarged and from the outside you can't even tell it's there.  I have to search to find it and can tell it is definatley under the skin.  Of course when I am erect, I can find it easier than when not.  Sorry for the graphical descriptions, but it is the only way to accurately describe.
No problems with erection or sexual response.
things still work they way they should.   Although i feel it may irritate it in the future and it freaks me out that it may be cancer or something of that nature.  I tend to overreact.   Thanks much for your help in my matter.
What is a differential? Is that the name of it? do i need to worry or do you think it may go away by itself?
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A differential refers to possible conditions that may help explain your symptoms. At this point, this does not sound like it is something serious so I don't think you should worry too much. I still would think this may be due to blocked hair follicles or sweat glands.

I can not really tell if it would go away by itself. The fact that it is not painful or red may suggest that this may be something chronic and may persist for a while.

Have this examined by your urologist or primary physician. If this worries you, it is best to have this assessed early on.
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I have the exact same problem. Did you ever get it checked out? I've had mine for a long time now, and it doesn't seem to be going away. It seems that it might have gotten a bit larger, but that could be my paranoia...
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It sounds like a dead / blocked hair follicle.  Does it resemble a whitish oval or ball under the skin?  I have picked these out with a needle before, and they can be extracted whole if you are carefull.  Inside the outer white "shell" will be a little puss.  The extraction process will create quite a bit of bleeding though.

I asked my doctor about these, and he said they are normal.  I'm sure a doctor wouldn't recommend removing them yourself. I don't think that they do any harm.
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I just discovered something similar but I know it can't be a hair follicle only because there are three lumps on the top base area and they don't move with the skin. I can feel them when it's not erect and when it's not erect I can see the lumps pushing the skin up slightly. They're about the size of a pea maybe a little smaller, and can be pinched and moved under the skin. If I pinch them too hard they hurt.  Also i've had the same partner for 6 years so i know this cant be an STD.  i just need to know if i need to be concerned about this being there or not.
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I just found something that sounds exactly like what you have, a semi round lump, about the size of a pea under the skin of my penis shaft (near the bottom). You can squeeze it and it gives a bit, and there is only pain if it is aggravated by squeezing or rubbing too much.

Have you had it checked out yet? Has it changed in size at all? I'm trying to find out what I need to do about this without seeing the doctor because I am currently backpacking in Europe and it will be difficult and probly expensive to see a doctor here. Thanks!
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i have been having the same problem for a while too. sort of concerned, seriously doubt it is an STD due to the number of sexual partners and the lack of irritation, redness, or any typical STD signs.  Any informanton on what a doctor has said would be most appriciated! thanks guys
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long story short was pretty drunk one night and ended up bringing a girl home one night,  well i didnt have my hair trimmer so i used a razor and kinda shaved on my shaft, no clue why.  but anyway didnt even have sex with the girl but about a week or 2 later i noticed alota bumps around my shaft that were about the size of a tip of a pen maybe a little smaller most are under the skin and are very hard they move with the skin and noticed hair attached to most of them they also dont itch or hurt in anyway they wont pop or discharge any fluid either.  is this normal?  i herad shaveing there could cause sebaceous glands or penile papules?  help me out here  i should probably add they have been there for about 6 or 7 months
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I am pretty sure it is common for men to get ingrowing hairs down there. And they would feel and appear similar to what you describe. Or maybe just a cyst which also sounds similar to what you have. Either way both are harmless. If it does not go away in a couple weeks I would just have your doctor look at it. And even if it does not go away that does not mean its anything serious because sometimes cysts dont go away.
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hi, im 17 and i have found a lump about 3mm under the skin of my shaft. iv looked up many topics about this and i cant find out what it is. i am sexually active but havent done anything in the 2 moths. im worried on what it might be. its not an infected hair and doesnt move under the skin. its not any colors and hasent gotten bigger since i noticed it. i told my mom about it and she doesnt know what it is either and she doesnt have time to take me to the doctors due to her collage schooling times. if anyone has any information please email me at ***@**** thank you
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Hi. I have the same problem. A hard bump under skin. It is there for about 3 months. It seems to be exactly how you describe it. I see that the post is from january. How are you now? Have you got your answer? Please help me if you can.
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