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Have any treatments been effective for your plaque psoriasis?

It must be remembered that psoriasis is a chronic health condition that is not curable in the usual sense. The disease is characterized by exacerbations and remissions that often seem to occur spontaneously. Patients often relate some incidental environmental event or psychological stress to changes in their disease's activity. This can complicate treatment.Since psoriasis is incurable, doctors treat the condition to enhance the patient's sense of well-being and independence. Treatment options are chosen that are appropriate to the severity of the condition. Mild, localized psoriasis is treated with topical therapy while more extensive, severe disease will require systemic, expensive, and potentially hazardous treatment.
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I am using Dovonex cream and it works well for plaque psoriasis. Halog cream also helps. I have not taken any shots since insurance won't pay for it. Sulfur antibiotics have worked well but most doctors will not want that treatment. I have has psoriasis since 1981. For my scalp coal tar shampoo works well; Dollar General and perhaps Family Dollar have their generic version for about 75 percent less; someone told me coal tar is not available in California.
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I had plaque psoriasis on the back of my head for years. It was a 3 inch area up and down from my hairline. I had long hair then and that section never grew. It itched terribly especially after washing or sweating. Moisture really set it off. I finally found relief when I told my new doctor and she prescribed betamethasone dipropionate lotion. It worked! No more rash, no more itch! And my hair grew in!
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