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Have you ever heard of a cyst bump or a cyst stitch?

Dear Doctor,

Have you ever heard of a cyst bump or a cyst stitch?  I recently had a small sebaceous cyst surgically removed from my face by a laser dermatolgist.  The cyst had been growing steadily for five years and had become red and slightly inflammed, but not infected.  My derm agreed to remove it, describing the procedure as simple and that I would need 1 to 3 stitches. He said I would have a small scar, but that was no problem because he could laser it if necessary. I have had many procedures done by this doctor, all successful, so I had no reason to worry.

Unfortunately, I bled a great deal during the procedure, which required extensive cauterizing and applying of pressure.  I'm a pretty tough cookie and have been through a lot medically, but this was scary.  Even my derm seemed a bit shaken. I wound up having 4 stitches (including dissolvable).  The cyst was removed and after the initial healing process, I was told to use a high grade cosmeceutical to reduce scarring as my derm is not a fan of Mederma.

After my stitches were removed, I noticed a small bump beneath the incision.  According to my derm, a stitch had "migrated."  He injected it with cortisone, but after four months, the bump still has not disappeared.  It also took a very long time for my other stitches to dissolve.

To make a long story short, I now have raised scar which looks much worse than the original cyst, plus a bump underneath the incision site.  It's more like a swelling than a growth and isn't hard to the touch.

I'm not too worried about the scar as I know it can take awhile for them to fade and I plan to use Scar Guard gel, but what about this bump?  Do I need another cortisone shot?  Will it fade over time as the stitch is absorbed? I don't want to go through another surgery as apparently I'm not a good healer.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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