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Help, Literal Blisters on Face

I am a 15 yo (healthy) male. For about two years, I have had white, hard blisters on my face on and off. When I say blisters, I mean literal blisters that look exactly like the watery, white ones you get on feet (definitely not milia, and definitely large blisters). Occasionally my face will get itchy and when I touch it, blisters magically appear on my left cheek and under my right eye with red skin around them. The blisters are actually hard (so I can't pop them) and they are soft to touch. The blisters always appear in those two places and it happens about every month or less. They usually go away in two hours, so by the time I get them checked, they are gone. Recently, I have been getting more of these and these blisters and its starting to affect my social life. When I am at school, they will magically appear and stay for two hours. I tried searching up what these blisters are, but I have had no success. I just want to know what these blisters are and how I can treat them. They may be part of an allergy since I usually get them after going to church on Sunday.
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Take photos next time it happens to show your doc. ive had a similar thing on my face except the skin over the blisters peeled off when touched. It ended up being a staph infection.
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It sounds a bit like impetigo.  Definitely see a doctor.  Also, try washing up after church or taking a shower and see if it helps.
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