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Help! I'm a hypochondriac

Help! I'm a natural worrier but lately its been about my health, particularly cancers. It started with a tiny mole on my arm that was a little abnormal, I looked up skin cancer on google and it looked maybe a little abnormal but that's it. I showed it to my Dr. and he said its ok since I've had it forever and its not changed at all. Well I've got a new worry now, I found a small "lump" (a place on my lower leg that feels a little different). I don't know how long I've had it but I first noticed it about a month ago. its pretty small, about the size of a quarter and its soft and movable. It dosent hurt at all except that ive been messing with it a lot cause i'm worried about it. I haven't showed it to my Dr. cause I'm almost certain its nothing I just cant get rule it out entirely since I worry a lot and i'm always thinking "what if". It might be a scar tissue since its on the inside of my shin since I play soccer but I don't remember injuring it there. I'm a 19 year old male and I know its very unlikely I have any kind of cancer, I'm just a really big worrier and I cant find any information to rule out a soft tissue cancer except that its really rare and I'm only 19. How fast would it grow if its cancer? it hasent grown or changed at all in the month ive been looking at it. I just found it by accident and I cant stop thinking its something serious. If you can help me I would really appreciate it.
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It is most likely a lipoma, which is benign and common.  

You can end the torture by showing it to your doctor.  
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