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For 4 years I've had this rash above my mouth (under my nose) and now under my bottom lip. Sometimes it is as simple as red skin but it varies to incredibly red, dry, flaky, rough skin and ridges begin to form deep cuts when stretched too much. This rash or patch of skin terribly itches and or burns and tingles to the point I cry. It has been very annoying, embarrassing and hard to deal with. The only satisfaction I've gotten in 4 years is when I have a thick layer of aquafor on it and even then my skin has never been normal. I have tried everything from hydrocortisone to prescribed perscription cremes and pills. Nothing seems to calm it completely. If it is calmed it is only temporary before it comes back worse. I'm dying to find a cure for this irritating , painful and embarrassing face rash
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My little brother used to wear coverup makeup as a child due to this.
It started off ( they think ) from licking his lips, then spread to chapped lips, then they said it was psoriasis.  Don't know what it was,( they never sent him to a dermatologist ) but it went away after about 4 years or so.

My husband started off with these same sort of symptoms, but down on his abdomen. Turned out it was skin cancer.
I would see a dermatologist to rule that out, and to get something prescribed that may work.
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