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My Daughter is 4 months old and has Hemangioma in the left chest, arm and shoulder. The hemmangioma started appearing more after the 2-3 week and has been growing more. We have consulted various doctors and a Dermatologist for this matter. He verified it to be Cavernous Hemangioma. We did received the advice from the the doctors and Dermatologist that they usually disappear themselves upto/by the age of 5yrs or in some cases little longer.

After about 1 month, the skin on the Hemangioma in the back shoulder started drying and it had created a small wound. The baby was more often crying then normal when the wound was interacted. We were prescribed for anti-biotics and Nadoxin Cream to avoid Bacterial infections. We have been using the same cream till today as the wound scar still remains and to avoid any the infections.

The available treatment advised to us by the Dermatologist was either Laser and Cryotherapy or Cortison [less advisable].

Based on the above information, I would really appreciate if i can present my case to get an opinion from you and or the research team as this Hemangioma is very much spread and i fear if it may suddenly be dangerous to her health.

The above treatments advised are not available in my country [Tanzania]. however I would deeply appreciate your reply and opinion in this.

Thanking you.
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While it is well known that most hemangiomas show spontaneous recovery,the large lesion like this may require steroid.Do get a consultation from the forum experts.
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I understand your concern for the beautiful child.The doctors are right in saying that most hemangiomas resolve on their own by 10 years of age,but now it seems that in your daughter’s case,it has ulcerated.It is one complication of hemagioma which needs to be tackled timely. If the ulceration is deep, significant bleeding may occur in rare occasions.

The first line of treatment is steroids,usually oral steroids.If the hemangiomas do not respond to steroids then interferons and vincristine can be considered.The last option is of surgical removal of the hemangioma.I sincerely advise you to take an opinion from a pediatric surgeon and discuss these treatment options with him. Straightaway we cannot jump to laser treatment.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how your daughter is doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.

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Thank you very much Jagesh, I am always keeping contact with the doctors and monitoring.

Thanks again.
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Hello Kindd,

Thank you very much for the advise,
I had visited a pediatrician recently and was advised that to check on the treatment outside my country. i live in Tanzania, E.Africa and we do not have proper medical facility especially for the rare cases like this one. However I started consulting with the doctors from in Europe mainly in Germany and will also get in contact with pediatric surgeons from South Africa and India.

Since considering on the distance scenario, the available option may be with oral steroids. But before that i will surely see a pediatrician very soon again and get an opinion.

Thank you again Kindd, very much appreciate your time and advise.
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