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Herpes Virus

Hi, I am a sufferer of herpes virus. I sometimes have sores at the soles of my feet and the soles of my feet sweat a lot. I wanted to ask is the sore caused by herpes virus? I wanted to ask can the herpes virus be pass from the soles of the feet? Lets say another person who has cuts or wounds at the soles of his feet happened to step at the steps you walk by instantaneously.

I am asking this question as my father is a diabetic patient and he has wounds at the soles. I am worried of spreading the virus in this manner. Kindly Pls advise me.

Also i like to consult how long the herpes virus can stay outside the body at room temperature. I have read that herpes virus can be spread through sexually, inimate contact or kissing. But what are the % chances of you spreading the virus to your family members. Eg. Sharing of toilet seats, sharing of food. Is it 100% you won't spread the virus in this manner?

Also I brush my teeth at the basin shared by my family members and there toothbrush is placed near the basin. Is there any chance I will spread the virus to them?

I'm sorry that I think I am overly sensitive in spreading the virus in such manners. Kindly please advise.
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I doubt very much that the sore on the soles of your feet have anything to do with herpes.  Please have a doctor check and tell you definitively.  Your father, I believe, is not at risk from herpes from you.  I have never seen herpes on the feet.

Although herpes virus can in theory be transmitted from objects in the home, in practice this is extremely rare.  If you have a herpes lesion like a cold sore, you should avoid kissing anyone while it is fresh.  Once it has dried up, it is very unlikely that you'll spread the virus to anyone, all the more so once it has disappeared.

I must ask how sure you are that you have herpes.  In most cases, people get herpes in a single location (such as the lips.)  Is it possible that you are cosnidering as herpes some sores and lesions that are really something else entirely?  For your own peace of mind, you ought to check.


Dr. Rockoff
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