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Hidrenitis Supperativa or MRSA?

I am a 33/m with a history of psoriasis currently in complete remission. In the past year I have had four carbuncles in my right armpit, the third grew to the size of a golf ball and was excized. The culture came back positive for MRSA. That was in May. It healed completely. About ten days ago I notices a small papule and it developed into another cyst. I have been on Bactrim for four days and it has not stopped growing.

Today I went to a walk in clinic where I was only able to see a PA. The PA stated that reccurent axillary infections are common with MRSA and that I may never stop having them. She recommended many antibacterial products to try.

I have also noticed smaller cysts that start out as painless lumps in my "leg pit" over an even longer period of time than the ones in my armpit.

These lesions have always healed and I never noticed any foul odor coming from them as I have read is the case with HS. But, I just cant accept that it is normal to keep getting painful cysts in my armpit over and over.

When I get one I try to make an appt to see a Dermatologist. But, one is never available until months in advance. By, then its long gone and I have cancelled.

What should I do? Is there a definitive test for HA?

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