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Hives formed water blisters. What can I do to help them heal?

Have had hives for 5 years and know how to deal with them, nothing is helping. No knowledge of allergies.
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Are you seeing a medical professional about the hives?  Hives can be caused by so many things, and a lot of times you have to invest a lot of time (yours and your doctors) in narrowing down the cause.  Sometimes it's stress, sometimes you have to work with an elimination diet, or logging everything your are doing and come into contact with- in order to figure it out.  If you aren't seeing a doctor about them currently (even if you have in the past)- get to one and keep pushing until you get some answers.  
As far as what helps them- that also seems to vary.  What types of treatments have you tried?  
Have seen doctors and allergists, currently looking for a new doctor. Stress and anxiety seem to be my biggest trigger. I use itch creams so I don't scratch and spread them and two different antihistamines to help them clear up faster, but it the five years I've had hives they've never formed water blisters. The water blisters themselves aren't painful but they've made the hives more painful. Cream, Neosporin, antihistamines, warm compress, meditation... Nothing seems to work
Can you recall if anything changed when you saw the water blisters appear with the hives?  Did your stress increase more or anything like that?  
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