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How can I treat tinea versicolor?

I have tinea versicolor, i have gotten rid of it before, (at least i thought i did), using an over the counter shampoo called Nizoral. Is this an effective treatment? I would sometimes use it as a lotion, mostly about 30 minutes to an hour before i showered, then i would rinse it off and then I would apply more in the shower and use as a body wash, on and around the affected areas. However, it has come back. Should i try using the Nizoral as a daily body wash to keep it away? Is it even possible to permanently get rid of it?
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It can be an effective treatment, but sometimes, you need something stronger. I wouldn't try using it as a body wash. Get something that's made for the skin, not the scalp.

Have you seen a doctor? You may need a prescription lotion or body wash.


It can take a long time to go away, but sometimes you can take meds to prevent it returning, especially in warmer months.
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I haven't been to a doctor for it, yet. My friend had the same problem and his doctor recommended the Nizoral, which worked great for him and for me at first but it seems the more I try to fight it off the worse it is when it comes back. I could care less about the spots all over me but my chest and back, where it's all red/pink and slightly raised, the itch is just unbearable when I get hot or with my anxiety.
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