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How can i get rid of hives?

So I had a sore throat achy chills etc.. and went to the dr. They didnt do a strep test but diagnosed me with strep and gave me amoxicillin. The next day I started breaking out in hives called the dr. and they said it sounds like i was alergic and to stop taking it.they sent domething else over and they continued getting worse. I went back to the dr and the did a blood test and it came back positive for mono.... the dr gave me a steroid shot for the hives today but they are getting even worse my hands are cibered top and bottom i cant walk from them being all iver the bottom and sides even my face and lips are covered. What can I do to heal them so i can get back to work.
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Hives can be pretty tricky to get rid of- given that you had a steroid shot to address them, before you do anything else, you need to consult your doctor to make sure there won't be any additional issues caused by taking something else.  Give the doctor a call and let them know that they are not getting better- you can ask about things like Benadryl to see if you can take that as well.  
Ive been taking benadryl  woke up eith them so much worse it feels like iv been lit on fire. There forming all over my lips in my mouth and on my tonsils now
So sorry!  If you can't get a hold of your doctor, get to the ER- especially if they are forming on your tonsils now.  Let us know how you are doing!
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