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How could I get skin samples tested and how would I prepare such skin samples?

In the late 70's my wife and I were jointly treated for a Thrush type infection. We both reacted badly to the oral anti-fungal treatment and didn't complete it.
Over the following years I've had some unpleasant skin conditions.
Currently and over the past several years my scalp has been treated with steroids to help with "Psoriasis".
I asked the doctor some time ago if the scalp problem could be fungal and he said "maybe".
In the last 8 months I've continuously had extremely itchy spots and rashes over my body. Originally it was diagnosed as Pityriasis Rosea but it went on too long for that to be so.
Now I've been prescribed oral anti-fungals.
I'm over 70 now and reading about the potential side effects, which being reminiscent of earlier experiences have made me feel extremely vulnerable.
I'm in the UK and have asked to see a dermatologist many times without success. If I could have a skin sample tested, which showed that my condition was in fact due to fungal infection, I would be prepared to take my chances with the anti-fungal drugs.
My question is, where in the world could I get skin samples tested reliably and how would I prepare such skin samples?

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And I'm wondering if the fungus could survive not being on your body and just on dead tissue.  I'm also confused about the Psoriasis thing -- that's an autoimmune disorder, a form of arthritis, and it would be odd to only have symptoms on your head.  It should also be able to be diagnosed as, again, this isn't just a skin disorder, it's an autoimmune disease.  I would wonder about the fungus notion, as fungus needs a moist and protected environment to thrive, such as under toenails or around the groin or the feet where sweat is a regular factor.  Not so much with the scalp.  Whatever it is, when you get a lot of steroid and antibiotic treatments, including antifungals, it weakens the immune system and makes it a lot easier for other things to take root.  It's possible the medication you had left you vulnerable, and rebuilding your immune system might be necessary.  Probiotics are one way to do that, but just one part of it.  Just a thought. Hope you find out what it is, and you really do need to see a dermatologist.
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