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How to clear and stop milia?

Well what's the cause of milia and what do you do to stop and clear it? I wish my face regularly and I find these white, hard, dots on my face continue to pop up. It' on the higher portion of my cheek and around my eyes. Been getting them for years now.

So how do you clear the current bunch and what measures do I take to stop them?
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I have them around both eyes - left more than the right. I have my aestician Shihan Farzinzad take them without any scars. I am going for my fourth session and it will take at least 2-3 more sessions for sure. It is a hard white ball or square.

I am pleased with the results. They don't grow bigger if you touch them. My skin is very smoothe except for this area. I would use glycolic wash and moisturizer to keep your skin exfoliated. Make sure you use a light eye cream that is effective around the eye and finally use an SPF sunscreen like Hydro-peptide. I would use a glycolic serum about 10% as well.
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Also does anybody know if you can make them worse or if you touch them too much they will grow bigger?
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I am starting to get Milia's did not even know what they were. Just have one right now under my eye but I want to keep it that way. Can anyone please help me? What brand do you think is the best to use to exfoliate your face with? I am using Dove right now to exfoliate and Witch Hazel as a toner/ and sometimes to clean my face. I also use to Dove lotion for my face. Does Dove have a lot of chemicals in it?
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Milia are benign, keratin-filled cysts that can appear just under the epidermis. Secondary milia can develop on the sun-damaged skin of middle-aged and older people.

They are white pimples that occur mostly on the upper cheeks, nose and chin. The best way to prevent milia is to avoid treating your skin with excessively harsh chemicals and to limit sun exposure.Also use good quality cosmetics and exfoliate your skin regularly.If still the symptoms persist then chemical peeling or laser removal can be done.Other treatment options include electrocautery and cryotherapy.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep us posted if you have any additional queries. Kind regards.

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